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Ceasefire’s Wet Chemical Based Fire Extinguishers are specially designed to fight oil fires in kitchens. When set against a fire, the specialized foam extinguishing agent in these extinguishers smothers the fire by cutting off the oxygen supply and bringing the surrounding temperature to below combustion levels within seconds. Being a de-greasing substance, the extinguishing agent ensures that the kitchen can be cleaned easily post a fire. Besides the wet chemical foam is over 99% biodegradable, making these extinguishers safe on the environment


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  • Easy snap safety seal
  • Highly effective as it prevents re-ignition
  • Controllable discharge mechanism
  • Works on Class A, B and F fires



Gross Weight (kg) 6.95, 11.75, 16.9
Can Height (mm) 430, 515, 610
Diameter (mm) 140, 160, 175
Minimum Discharge Time (s) 12, 15
Discharge Mechanism Squeeze, Controllable, Grip Type
Minimum Range (m) 2
Sheet Metal Thickness (mm) 1.5


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