Double Deflection Grilles (Model: KX2)

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Finish: Powder coated to RAL 9010 as standard. Other finish is available as option. 


KMC supply Grilles and Registers have adjustable louvers and are available in double deflection models. The Double deflection grilles are designed to have two sets of blades in both the horizontal or vertical orientation with air pattern being adjustable in both horizontal and vertical planes. Adjustment of the Horizontal blades provides the control over the deflection of the air pattern. Adjustment of the vertical blades provides the spread control of the air pattern, reducing both throw and drop.  


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QR 18.00QR 611.00



  • Models – KX2H (Horizontal front blade), KX2V (Vertical front blades) 
  • Double deflection grilles and registers exceeding the industry standard using corrosion resistant aluminum materials. 
  • Aerodynamic blade design resulting in lowest achievable sound and pressure levels. 
  • 12 mm / 19 mm spacing of individually adjustable blades. 
  • Maximum size one piece construction is 2000 mm x 1800 mm. 
  • Powder coated to RAL 9010 as standard. 



Double deflection grilles and registers shall be KMC Model KX2 (aluminum, double deflection with 12 mm / 19 mm blade spacing and as scheduled
The grilles shall consist of an outer border or frame, with face directional blades horizontal or vertical as detailed. Blades shall be individually adjustable and designed to minimize noise and pressure loss and shall consist of an extruded aluminum closed profile
Finish shall be powder coated with RAL 9010 or custom color as specified by the Architect


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