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  • Motorized Smoke Dampers (UL ...

    Motorized Smoke dampers are installed in an air distribution system or an air transfer opening designed to close automatically upon detection of smoke, interrupting the airflow and thereby restricting the passage of smoke in the duct. 



    Motorized Smoke dampers are UL certificated and QCDD approved. 

    Model: K1H (leakage class – 1, 3V single thickness Type blade) 

    Model: KA1 (leakage class – 1, Aero Foil Type blade) 

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  • Curtain Fire Damper (UL 555 &...

    The fire damper is intended to restrict the passage of flame; it shall consist of UL listed fusible link rated to 165˚F which shall release the curtain blades in the event of fire. The standard installation requires that the damper is positioned so that the closed plane of the blades is within the fire rated masonry/concrete barrier. 

    For non-standard construction & for more details consult our sales team. 

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  • Combination Fire-Smoke Damper...

    Combination Fire Smoke dampers are designed to prevent the spread of fire and smoke through the ventilation ducts in the HVAC systems. 


    All the Combination Fire Smoke dampers are UL certified and QCDD approved. 


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