Wet Chemical Fire Extinguishers

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Wet Chemical Fire Extinguishers use a film forming base with additional chemicals and micro drop mist nozzle technology. The agent forms a mild foam surface over the hot oil but not a crust or foam mess like most other agents. The extinguishing is through smothering initially and cooling through heat absorption through high volume micro drops and a chemical reaction.



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QR 442.00



  • SFECOFESKF6DHigh fire ratings offering maximum fire fighting abiity with minimum size and weight.
  • Leaves minimal residue when applied.
  • Revolutionary new CE aluminum valve design.
  • Revolutionary new CE aluminum valve design.



Capacity 6 L
Total Weight 10.1 Kg
Cylinder Height 534 mm
Cylinder Diameter 163 mm
Range of Throw 4.5
Fire Rating 13A – B – 75F
Duration of Discharge 32.5 s
Extinguishing Agent  50% Wet Chemical
Propelling Agent Nitrogen
Working Pressure 12 Bar
Material Low Carbon Steel
Operating Temperature +5 to +60 deg C


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