Rubber Lined Split Clamps

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A Convenient and effective means of preventing crushing of pipe supports of Chilled Water, Condenser water and Domestic hot/cold water installations. Available for any pipe size and insulation thickness,


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Model WSC 12-16R, WSC 64-69, WSC 58-63, WSC 78-86, WSC 96-104, WSC 99-108R, WSC 133-140, WSC 152-161, WSC 176-186, WSC 200-213, 
Material Steel
Temperature Range -20 to 110 deg C
Maximum Load Carry 125 kg, 150 kg, 200 kg, 
Finished Epoxy Powder Coated
Outer Diameter 12-16 mm, 64-69 mm, 58-63 mm, 78-86 mm, 96-104 mm, 99-108 mm, 133-140 mm, 152-161 mm, 176-186 mm, 200-213 mm

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