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Copper Pipes & Coils manufactured to ASTM B743 standards are suitable for gas applications and other high-pressure refrigerants.

ACR Copper Coils & Pipes are dehydrated, degreased, purged with nitrogen, and capped to maintain the internal cleanliness of the product.

Coil Length: 15 meters


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No leakage 

Copper coils are durable because of the excellent copper uniformity, there are no issues of leakage &  you can enjoy a long-lasting connection while also countering the corrosion issues that are most commonly found in metals like stainless steel.


Copper pipes should be the first buyer choice because copper is one of the most effective metals against 0-157 bacteria, germs, and viruses. Therefore, it is the most suitable material that can be used for water lines or plumbing lines with all hygiene and protection. The best thing about copper is that it is 100% recyclable, also carbon dioxide gas emission is very low during copper manufacturing.

Excellence in colder regions

Copper pipes can be excellently used in colder regions because it is one of the amazing metals that have low cycle fatigue characteristics and embrittlement property which restrict any sort of leakage resulting in a powerful and perfect long-stayed connection. Therefore, it is composed of perfect mechanical strength and durability.

Wide usage 

Copper pipes are famous all around the world because of the usage of grade 1 copper. Also, copper products are now used all around the world because of their benefits and no destruction characteristics. Copper coils and tubes are indeed the most preferred and trustable materials used because of the safety and reliability

Are stainless steel pipes better than copper pipes?

No, because copper is more environmentally friendly, recyclable, and harmless to human health while  steel on the other hand is quite inaccurate because it falls prey to corrosion which eventually leads to leaks in pipes.

Is copper an environmentally friendly metal?

Yes, copper is an environmentally friendly metal. In fact, from the past till the present copper is an environmentally friendly metal that can be used at all times

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