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Jersey Aluminum foil self-adhesive tape is a premium quality tape specifically build for Aluminum foil-faced type of Insulation products in the HVAC industry. Aluminum foil is backed up with a high-quality hot melt adhesive and a release paper.

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  • Best suited for Aluminium foil facings of Fiberglass and Foam insulation products.
  • The top layer comprises an Aluminium foil and further backed up with high quality, high-performance adhesive (hot-melt type) and then protected with an easy-release paper at the back.
  • High-grade hot melt adhesive offers durability, high holding capacity, and long service life outdoor as well as in high humid conditions.
  • Acts as a vapor barrier and provides an excellent reflection of both light and heat.
  • Should be applied on clean and dry surfaces to obtain the best results.
  • Tapes are available in three standard widths, 2”, 3”, and 4”. Customized sizes are available on request.


Tensile Strength 2000 gms/inch
Temperature Range -5 to 65 deg C
Tack Rolling Ball 130 mm
Backing Thickness 20 Micron ±2 Micron


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