Industrial VRLA Sealed lead acid Battery

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Golf and Mobility, Solar and wind, Renewable energy, Professional tools, Automatic guided vehicles, Emergency lighting, and Measuring instruments.

  • EUROBAT Classification: 3 to 5 years ‘Standard Commercial’
  • Genera purpose VRLA battery
  • Lead Calcium Grids for superior life
  • Absorbed Glass Mat construction with no free acid
  • Gas recombination
  • Manufactured worldwide
  • Good recovery from deep discharge
  • Operation in any orientation (excluding continuous inverted use)

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Voltage 12 V
Battery Capacity 7.0 Ah, 26 Ah
Battery Cell Type Sealed Lead Acid (SLA)
Dimensions (L x W x H) 151 x 65 x 97.5 mm, 166 X 125 X 175 mm
Weight 2.2 kg, 9 kg


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