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  • Standard Air Louvers Model FAL

    KMC Air Louvers are designed for both intake and exhaust air service for commercial & Industrial applications. 

    The fresh air louver is used to supply fresh air to the buildings or Air Handling Units (AHU). 

    Louvers are designed and manufactured for use in external applications. 

    Blades are fixed and at 45deg to protect against ingress of rain water. 


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  • Pressure Independent VAV unit...

    KSQ terminals are AHRI Certified and are tested in accordance with AHRI Standard 880.  

    Optional factory installed electric heaters and integral sound attenuators for ultra-quiet performance are also  available . 

    Note: The unit is supplied as a VAV box only . Controller and actuator to be provided by contractor .




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  • By-Pass VAV unit (Model: KME)

    By-pass VAV terminals consist of a single primary air damper that shall proportion the total primary air through the terminal to either the ceiling plenum or the space as dictated by the space thermostat demand. These units are available with various casing materials & treatments with factory mounted actuators as required. 

    Note : The unit is supplied as VAV box only. Controller & actuator shall be provided by the contractor.


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  • Duct Access Door (Model: AD*)

    Duct access doors are manufactured in accordance to SMACNA standard using high quality materials to provide access for life safety damper inspection, controls adjusting, and many other applications in HVAC ducts. 


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  • Round Volume Control Damper (...

    Round volume control dampers are widely used in the HVAC industry to adjust/control the airflow rate through round/flexible ducts efficiently. JMC dampers shall have hand quadrants with wing lock nut arrangement & open/close markings to record the blade position. 


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