Jet Diffuser (Model: KDJ)

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Finish: Powder coated to RAL 9010 as standard. Other finish available as option. 


JMC Jet diffuser is a high capacity diffuser with jet-type airflow specifically designed for spot heating or cooling in high ceiling applications. The elegant design is best suited for an architectural high-end appearance and provides a modern alternative to any traditional diffusers while upholding the trusted performance characteristics. 


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QR 234.00QR 1,496.00



  • Models – KDJ-1, KDJ-2, KDJ-3, KDJ-4. 
  • Reversible, Rotating Nozzle provides a long throw jet pattern, or diffused, short throw pattern – without using volume dampers. 
  • Field adjustable pattern and direction – from the face of the outlet. 
  • Directional control within a 60° arc .



 The core of the outlet shall be rotatable so as to deliver air in a jet pattern or in a diffused pattern. 
The throw of the diffused pattern shall be approximately half that of the jet pattern at similar terminal velocities. Jet-type diffusers without spread capability are not acceptable. 
The outlet shall be attached to a mounting panel with mounting screws permitting 360° rotation. 
The outlet and mounting panel shall be constructed from steel or aluminum as indicated. 
Finish shall be powder coated with RAL 9010 or custom color as specified by the Architect. 


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