Disc Valves (Model: KDV)

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Finish: Powder coated to RAL 9010 as standard. Other finish is available as option. 


KMC Supply and Exhaust disc valves are utilized where the control of supply or Exhaust air volume flow rate is the primary consideration. These valves offer considerable cost advantage over conventional grilles and diffusers without compromising performance or aesthetics. Ease of adjustments, maintenance and cleaning are also prominent features of these valves. 


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QR 40.00QR 121.50



  • Models – KDV 
  • Frame and inner cones are made of high-quality aluminum sheet construction 
  • Exhaust air valves designed for installation on the ceiling. 
  • Special design ensures low noise level 
  • By rotating the central disc, the air volume flow rate can be changed 


This disc valves consist of the valve ring and central disc. To guarantee a perfect seat, the valve ring is fitted with a peripheral sealing strip 
The air volume flow rate is adjusted by rotating the central disc which alters the size of the gap. The central disc is held in position with a locknut 
Finish shall be powder coated with RAL 9010 or custom color as specified by the Architect.


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