Qatar’s online marketplace for buyers of MEP products & swift solutions, empowering people with the alternate power of choice at their fingertips.

MEP Contractors, procurement professionals, site engineers executing projects, dealers or subcontractors are welcome to conduct their business on this robust  eCommerce platform that we present you with  in just the same way that you would transact in a physical marketplace!

With this handy-to-use application, you have the privilege to choose your preferred MEP products from the vast array of choices pictorially presented with pricing & salient features company specific or category wise. All this is possible with the mere click of a few buttons, even from the comfort of your home, site location or office!

 Yes, it is indeed that simple…


“Jersey Group has kept pace with emerging market trends and customer preferences. Moreover with the recent pandemic entailing restrictions and curtailed physical presence across industry segments becoming a familiar sight; this innovative Digital tool can further contribute in our products and services reaching their destination without interruptions while also presenting our customers with a swift secure E-commerce platform to procure their urgent MEP needs.”

CEO - Jersey Group


“With Qatar leading on all fronts, we wish to stay ahead with a digital business strategy viewed as a means of transforming business, streamline processes, and making use of technologies to enhance productivity and promote value added interaction with customers and employees while delivering” excellent customer experience at the same time.”

Saad Ghanim Saad Al Saad A-Kuwari
CHAIRMAN - Jersey Group


The MEP industry is the backbone of the construction industry, yet it is often not accorded the key importance that it so rightfully deserves.  Engineers with their feet on the ground involved in the timely execution of a construction project do face these challenges in routine when they encounter procurement delays or lack of availability of certain critical MEP products which can upset the overall execution  time line whilst despite all adversities, the project deadlines are immutable and the show must go on! 

This one-of-a-kind platform was thus conceived in an effort to create a seamless experience for needy buyers in the MEP space.

As industry stalwarts, the people behind JERSEYMEP.COM have first-hand experience in the building industry. Having worked their way through trials and trails to counter such challenges effectively at every stage they know the critical importance of such products and service availability for streamlined project movement. In fact, our hands-on experience at all levels in the entire MEP ecosystem has shaped the evolution of Jerseymep.com and how we serve you.

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