Linear Slot Diffuser (Model: KLSD)

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Finish: Powder coated to RAL 9010 as standard. Other finish is available as option. 


Linear Slot Diffusers manufactured by KMC have been designed to satisfy architectural concepts that require continuous length applications without compromising air distribution performance. These diffusers utilizes an adjustable vane in each slot to control the direction of air discharge either parallel with or perpendicular to its face surface. The adjustment from the face of the diffuser allows for pattern control in a full 180 degree range for either right or left parallel, intermediate or perpendicular 


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QR 44.80QR 318.56



  • Models – KSLAD F-75 (19 mm) / KSLAD F-100 (25 mm) – Supply Air & KRLAD F-75 (19 mm)/ KRLAD F-100 (25 mm) – Return Air 
  • Available with 1 to 8 slots. 
  • The volume and direction of the discharge air can be adjusted by moving the pattern 
  • Multiple sections are provided with alignment strips on the frames. 
  • Diffusers are available with mitered corner 



Linear diffusers shall be available up to 2500 mm in single-piece length, and have 1 to 8 slots, with a slot width of 19.0 mm and 25.0 mm as scheduled for the appearance and performance requirements.  
Diffuser runs greater than 2500 mm long shall consist of multiple diffusers aligned end-to-end using alignment strips within the diffuser keyways, to form a continuous slot appearance. Alignment strips shall be provided by the diffuser manufacturer (JMC). 
These components shall be removable, without tools, providing access to the plenum to install as detailed. 
Finish shall be powder coated with RAL 9010 or custom color as specified by the Architect. 


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