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  • Standard Air Louvers Model FAL

    KMC Air Louvers are designed for both intake and exhaust air service for commercial & Industrial applications. 

    The fresh air louver is used to supply fresh air to the buildings or Air Handling Units (AHU). 

    Louvers are designed and manufactured for use in external applications. 

    Blades are fixed and at 45deg to protect against ingress of rain water. 


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  • Sand Louvers Model KSTL

    The Sand Trap Louvers Model KSTL are designed for usage in serving as a Pre – Filter element in  dusty conditions. It has a degree of separation of sand and large dust particles, even in cases  of high dust concentrations. The vertically arranged sections and holes for sand drainage ensure the sand trap louver is self- cleaning and maintenance free. The sand trap louver is designed to separate large particles at low air velocities, thus avoiding excessive dust loading on conventional plant filters. It is not intended as a substitute for conventional supply air filtration. 


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