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The TYCO Series TY 5.6 K-factor, Horizontal Sidewall Sprinklers are standard response, standard coverage decorative 5 mm glass bulb type spray sprinklers designed for use in light and ordinary hazard, commercial occupancies such as banks, hotels, and shopping malls.

  • Light hazard/Ordinary hazard
  • Small frame
  • Unique deflector design of the horizontal sidewall sprinkler results in smaller profile
  • Designed for installation along a wall or the side of a beam just beneath a smooth ceiling
  • Water discharge is directed primarily outward and downward in a quarter spherical pattern
  • Sidewall sprinklers are often used in lieu of standard pendent or upright sprinklers due to building construction, economic considerations, or aesthetics
  • Special deflector on the vertical sidewall sprinkler allows it to be installed in either a pendent or upright position


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QR 29.00



sidewall spDATASHEET – TY-B-1 – TY3351 – SPH0019


Maximum Working Pressure 17.2 bar
Temperature Rating 68 (°C)
Discharge Coefficient K=5.6 gpm/psi1/2 (80,6 lpm/bar1/2)
Finish Chrome Plated
Frame Material Bronze
Bulb Glass
Sealing Assembly Beryllium Nickel w/TEFLON
Approvals UL, FM, LPCB, BYC
Bulb Liquid Color Red
NPT 1/2 inches


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