Rubber Support Inserts

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Used at the supporting points of insulated pipes to prevent crushing of insulation. Available with steel reinforcements for larger sizes. Inherently superior to wood .


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QR 1.46QR 131.31

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  • Excellent resistance to deterioration/distortion
  • Tongue and groove design for small sizes
  • Unique DOVETAIL lock for higher sizes
  • Dimensionally accurate as each piece is molded


Density 400 kg/m3
Thermal Conductivity 16 W/m0C
Temperature Range 20 deg C to 110 deg C
Meet BS 3974-1 1974
Standard Widths ½” to 2”- 25 mm, 2” to 5”- 38 mm, 6” and above- 50 mm


(Non-standard widths also available)


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